The aim of the EACP Special Interest Groups is

1. to create a group of people, within the EACP, interested in developing research and studying specific scientific areas and tasks related to the COUNSELLİNG areas of interest


2. to create an EACP scientific production that will allow the EACP to have arguments to ask for research (or projects) funding ( e.g. to EU, WHO, etc), and to participate to international scientific projects and activities promoted by the main Nationals and International Institutions (e.g. WHO,) in the field of Mental Health.

Discussion list

Psychologists can join us in the discussion list and contribute in discussions and activities.

To enter the discussion list go to and search for EACP Specialized Interest Groups. The Specialized Interest Groups are subgroups of the EACP group in LinkedIn.

Objective and rules Scientific Interest Groups are described in the EACP rules >>>

There are Specialized Interest Groups on

– Bipolar Disorders and Acute Mania

– Disruptive Behaviour Disorders in children and adolescents

– Forensic CBT

– Low Intensity CBT


– Psychosis

– Sex and Couple Therapy

– Trauma and Dissociation

– Personality Disorders

– Positive CBT

– Training and Supervision

– Unipolar Depression

– Trans-Diagnostic Dysfunctions

– Worry, rumination and repetitive thinking